Construction Field Software SiteHunter



  • New and effective measuring work style with Robotic Instrument and smart phone
  • Utilize Android Smart Phone / Tablet PC
  • Directly use CAD drawing data
  • Easy pile stakeout data management
  • Alignment Stakeout and Cross Section Topo measurement
This product is currently available for Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia only.

Combination of SiteHunter on Android terminal and Robotic instrument will bring breakthrough efficiency to your construction site!

New surveying style

Navigation guidance screen

Navigation guidance screen switches between 4 display patterns, depending on the distance from prism to the Stake-out point.

Directly use CAD drawing data

Pick the points directly on the CAD data. No need to bring CAD drawing paper to a site.

Easy pile stakeout management

Stakeout Pile data can be managed easily.
Attributes can be attached to coordinates to distinguish if the point is a piling point.

Stakeout Alignment

By specifying Road Alignment parameters, the SiteHunter can automatically calculates coordinates of Center line piles and Boarder piles to stakeout them. It is no need to calculate coordinates of piles prior to going to the site.

Cross Section Topo (Alignment)

Cross Section Topo measurement can be performed by seeing the difference between current prism position and Cross Section line.

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