Automated 3D Station NET1AX


The NET1AX incorporates longer range EDM and a laser beam emitter option designed for tunnelling and general construction applications.

1mm + 1ppm precision up to 300m (980ft.) range with reflective sheets.

Extended 400m (1,310ft.) reflectorless range with 2mm + 1ppm accuracy.

The LSP1 optional laser beam emitter can be built into the telescope. The bright laser beam can be utilized for automatic profile projection on tunnel faces as well as various setting out tasks in underground constructions. Narrow parallel beam reaches up to 700m (2,300ft.).

1" auto-pointing accuracy with a standard prism.

Enlarged 3.7 inch LCD with automatic brightness control.

Reflector Prescan* can be used to quickly locate target positions, dramatically reducing initial setup time for structural monitoring.

Rapid 2D Monitoring* enables fast recognition of vertical and horizontal movements of targets for real-time subsidence monitoring and alarming applications.

* Available when operating the NET via command operation from an external PC or other devices.

Specialized Auto-Pointing algorithm enhances reliability of periodic monitoring with predetermined prisms.

Constantly tracks a moving prism up to 90km/h at a distance of 100m (56mph at 320ft.).

Built-in target illumination for use in dim lighting conditions.

Robust IP64 dust/water protection.

Long-range Bluetooth® module available as an option.
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