Digital Theodolites DT50 series


DT50 series

Brand new design with laser pointer for efficient alignment setting work!

Lightweight, compact angular measurement with high-precision laser guidance and up to 30 workdays of power

- Long-lasting Li-ion or AA battery life with up to 30 workdays*2 of power
- Convenient high-precision laser guidance
- Brand new product design utilizing Sokkia premium quality total station components
- Embedded tilt sensor in 5” model
- Ultra-rugged IP66 dust and heavy rain protection

*1 As of May, 2020 checked with Topcon as theodolite
*2 In case of measuring angle with DT950G/DT950GL for 8 hours per day

Standard components

- Main unit
- DB-80 Battery holder
- Lens cap
- Tool pouch
- Precision screwdriver
- Lens brush
- Hexagonal wrench (1.3 mm/2 mm/2.5 mm)
- Adjusting pin
- Wiping cloth
- Quick start manual
- Carrying case
- Carrying strap

Optional accessories

- Plumb bob
- Model 13 Diagonal eyepiece
- BDC71 Battery
- CDC77 Charger

Brochures in PDF
DT50 Series [2.28 MB]

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