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SDR Level5

SDR Level 5 offers the familiar interface of the SDR33, with advanced processing capabilities available in Windows CE devices. SDR Level 5 is an all-inclusive software products capable of operating Total Stations, GPS RTK, Robotics and Digital Levels.
Offers topographic survey, stake-out, roading and coordinate geometry (COGO) options. The industry-standard SDR file format provides instant compatibility with most desktop software packages.
Features including: sidehill survey, state plane transfomations, graphical point display and more.
Version 5.56 Build 8
Released December 2007
The new release is free to current users of V5.51 or newer. Install V5.56 to the device currently running SDR Level 5. A new product activation key is not required.
Support for the GSR2700 ISX receiver
Brochures in PDF
SDRLevel5.pdf [180 KB]