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Spectrum Survey Suite

Sokkia's Spectrum Survey Suite is a comprehensive, user-friendly, Windows® based post-processing software package that supports all phases of GPS survey operations. It supports commonly used methods of survey data collection, including static, rapid-static, kinematic and stop-and-go.
Spectrum Survey Suite combines Spectrum Survey and Planning into one software package. This package provides all of the tools you need to successfully manage your project, from planning to processing, adjusting and analyzing GPS survey data.
Aside from supporting the general RINEX data format, Spectrum Survey Suite supports most Sokkia GPS/GNSS data format which includes: 
Version 4.22
Released March 2010
Added support for reciever files generated using Raw Data Logging in SDR+ Professional.
Added NGS Geoid09 support.
Notice to current users:
When uninstalling previous versions of Spectrum Survey, all project files (*.SPR) will remain intact, although it is recommended that you back up your projects in a safe location prior to upgrading.

To keep custom settings and antenna types from previous installs, please back up the file “SRVBPR.INI” prior to upgrading and replace the file with your back up after installing V4.22.

Software activation for previous installs will continue to activate V4.22.
Features include:
PDC files (GSR2700 ISX, GSR2700 IS, GSR1700 CSX, GSR2600, GSR2650LB, Radian, Radian IS) 
STR files (Stratus)