Net1-mII 3D Station

Sokkia's NET1-mII Monitoring total station is designed with near-infrared laser diode (780nm) EDM for monitoring applications, especially for train tunnels. Net1-mII's phase-comparison method EDM realizes a high distance accuracy of (1+1ppm x D) mm and patent pending IACS (Independent Angular Calibration System) technology provide angular accuracy of 1".
In combination with customized special software (MONMOS RAPID ADMS), NET1-mII is most suitable for use for automatic deformation monitoring in:
Slopes Stability
Heavy Construction sites
Automatic measurement function
In addition to a high-precision motor drive mechanism, NET1-mII can perform auto-pointing using prisms and reflective sheet targets. Automatic deformation monitoring is possible for early detection of structure movement.
More NET1-mII features that will keep your job running smoothly :
Four different measurement modes: Manual; Seeking / Auto-pointing; Scanning
Ease of use with Windows CE and an easy-to-use touch screen
*NET1-mII is specially produced and currently available in market under Sokkia Singapore Positioning Sales Pte Ltd
Brochures in PDF
NET1-mII.pdf [691 KB]