Laser SGD1 Dual Grade

The SDG1 creates a grade laser plane for slope works in land preparation, foundation and other general construction applications. The advanced technologies employed in the SDG1 improve construction productivity.
SDG1 Features :
A laser plane can be sloped in two axes in a range of -10 to +10% in the X axis and -5 to +25% in the Y axis.
A wide operating range of 800 meters (2,620ft.) in diameter.
A unique monitoring system for the tilt of a rotating axis ensures the industry's highest leveling repeatability: ±5 arc seconds.
The remarkably compact and lightweight body features IP66 superior dust- and water-protection.
The LRC6 standard remote controller has exactly the same display and keyboard as the SDG1. This means all operations and settings can be performed wirelessly at a range of up to 300 meters (1,000ft.).
The laser detector LR200 has LCD displays on both sides. Its advanced features include bright 3-color LEDs for easy recognition at a distance and instrument status displays, such as an H.I. Alert and a low-battery warning.

Brochures in PDF
SDG1.pdf [539 KB]