LV1 Precision Laser Plummet

Precision Laser Plummet (5 sec acc.)
High-precision plumb with twin visible laser beams (upward & downward); Unbeatable Plumbing Accuracy.
Sokkia's LV1 offers the highest level of plumb precision in its class: ±5" above and ±1' below. Since laser beams are directed both up and down, it is easy to locate points vertically above and directly below a given reference point. Also, the small-diameter of the visible beam (7mm upward, 2mm downward) facilitates positioning.
Precision pendulum compensator for high reliability
Simple push-button operation
Three power supply choices for long continuous operation
Compact, lightweight design & proven water-resistance
Brochures in PDF
LV1.pdf [1.61 MB]