NET05X 3D Station


SOKKIA's NET05X manual 3-D station features 0.5" angle accuracy and sub-millimeter EDM. It offers the highest precision in its class in a broad range of applications.

Engineering and Construction
Setting out with maximum precision
On-site positioning of framework members
Periodic measurement of tunnel convergence to ensure safety

Industrial Measurement
Measures dimensions and geometry with sub-millimeter accuracy
Easy-to-set-up mobile system provides maximum convenience in large object measurement from multiple positions.

NET05X provides the highest precision in its class for all kinds of surveying, from control point survey to long baseline measurements.

NET05X Features :
0.5" Angle Accuracy
Sub-millimeter EDM
Superiror Telescope
Perfectly aligned laser pointer
Target Illumination
Advanced User-Interface with Windows CE
IP65 Environmental Protection
Bluetooth Wireless Communication
Wide Variety of Reflectors


Brochures in PDF
NET05X.pdf [301 KB]