Spectrum Survey Office Software

Sokkia's Spectrum Survey Office (SSO) is an advanced, easy to use, powerful post processing program. SSO provides a full feature environment for processing and adjusting field observations created with the family of SOKKIA instruments.
Features include:
Supports most SOKKIA GPS / GNSS, Total Station (TS) and Digital Level (DL) instrument and data collectors
Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
Various coordinate system and extensive Geoid model support
Powerful adjustment features and reporting
Multiple views of your job
Spectrum Survey Office supports many data formats including:
PDC files (GSR2700 ISX, GSR2700 IS, GSR1700 CSX, GSR2600, GSR2650LB, Radian, Radian IS) 
STR files (Stratus)
JPS, TPS files (GRX1)
Spectrum Survey Office supports many data formats including:
PDC files (GSR2700 ISX, GSR2700 IS, GSR1700 CSX, GSR2600, GSR2650LB, Radian, Radian IS) 
STR files (Stratus)
JPS, TPS files (GRX1)
Modules :

RTK Module
RTK Module includes functionality for importing, displaying, adjusting, exporting, and reporting RTk data (data collected with RTK surveying using SS or other data collection software)

TS Module
TS Module includes functionality for importing, displaying, adjusting, exporting, and reporting data collected with total stations.

PP Module
Post Processing Module includes the engine for post processing and adjusting GPS+ data.

PP+ Advanced Module
Advanced Module includes additional options for processing, adjustment and localization

Job Configurations
Job configuration dialog box defines settings for data viewing and processing
Extensive projections support including custom projections / datums
Wide range Geoid support
Setting Grid-to-Ground Parameters
Setting decimal format
Setting linear and angular units
Setting auto save job feature
Quality Control: Setting tolerances for the accuracy of Points and GPS/TS/DL Observations, Loop Closures
Configuration may be saved and applied to other jobs


Import Data From Devices 
SOKKIA GPS / GNSS receivers, Total Stations and Digital Levels
Windows CE field controllers with SSF
Windows Mobile field controllers with SSF

Import Data From Files
TPS and RINEX / Compact
RINEX data
Spectrum Survey Field job
NGS Data sheets
ASCII control files
Roads and X-Section
Templates Data

Supporting Google Earth
SSO allows one to display a network on Google Earth satellite imagery

Background Image and  Creating Georeferenced Image 
SSO can :
Open a georeferenced image as background
Create a georeferenced image using a digital image and picture points in the desired coordinate system

Post Processing
Processing static, stop and go, kinematic SOKKIA GPS / GNSS and RINEX / Compact RINEX data
Engine mode selection
Auto-importing a nearest reference station and processing a single rover occupation from this station
Precise ephemerides used for processing both GPS and GLONASS satellites observations
The Raw Data Plot option allows the user to view in graphical form not only the plots of any 'regular' GPS / GLONASS receiver observables, but also the plots of various algebraic combinations of these observables.
Possibility to split and merge occupations
Disabling Satellite(s) from processing
Computing positions of the camera perspective center at the moment of exposure

Least Squares free or constrained adjustment of separate or mixed GPS, TS andl DL Observations
Separate adjustments for plane coordinates and for heights performed after network analysis by the Adjustment module
Reports on adjusted points, fixed / weighted points, used and rejected observations, errors of unit weight (UWE) and UWE bounds
Export results to industry standard formats

Quality Control 
This option allows one set :
Horizontal and Vertical precisions for static / kinematic / localization points
Precision for a distance and horizontal / vertical angle of TS Observations
Horizontal and Vertical precisions for RTK vectors and static / kinematic GPS post processed vectors
Precision for digital level measurements
The user can run the following tests : Warn Float Solutions, PP Static / PP Kinematic precisions, Point Standard Deviations, Identical Points test, Misnamed GPS Occupations / Autopo Rovers, Invalid Antenna Parameters

Localization and Coordinate Systems
Separate Horizontal and Vertical localization
Localization Algorithm computing conversion parameters from WGS84 to a local system using one or more pairs of Control Points
Extensive projections support including creation of custom projections / datums
Wide range Geoid support

SSO allows one to generate a standard report for Points, Adjustment, Localization, Quality Control, GPS Observations and TS Observations, and create a custom report format

Export Data to Devices
Coordinates data files to a Total Station                        
Any files from SSO to a SOKKIA controller  

Export Data to File 
Exporting either desired data or all data of the current job file to a corresponding file format : Coordinates, Design, GIS, Road, SSO, XML, GPS Obs

Tabular View
The Tabular View contains tabs with tables of information on the points, occupations, observations, in the job

Map View
The Map View is a graphical latitude / longitude or northing / easting plot of points, GPS / TS Observations and background map

CAD View
The CAD View is a graphical view of linework, roads, and surfaces with the associated points observations and background map

Brochures in PDF
SSO_SSF.pdf [294 KB]