NET1200 3D Station

The MONMOS system handles large-scale 3D measurement tasks with unprecedented ease. A single operator with a single unit can derive 3D coordinate values of large structures. As no known station is required, the system can be applied to virtually any situation such as; deformation and displacement measurement of tunnels or buildings, construction supervision and shape measurement of domes, dimensional and shape measurement of large-scale parts used in plants and other facilities, dimensional and shape measurements for construction and repair of ships and aircraft.
Equipped with a new ultra-high performance EDM and absolute encoders, the NET1200 surpasses its predecessors in precision, range, speed, ease of operation, mobility and weather-resistance. The NET1200 is now capable of 1" angle accuracy, and 0.6 + 2 ppm distance measurement accuracy with sheet targets. Measuring range with sheet targets has also doubled to 200m (650ft.). The NET1200 provides reflectorless measurement capability with an accuracy of 1 + 2ppm up to 40m (130ft.)
Brochures in PDF
NET1200.pdf [235 KB]